Hi! My name's Andrew Elmsley but you can call me Andy.

I'm a software developer/musician/artist currently undertaking a PhD at City, University of London. My research is focused on machine perception of pulse and metre with time-varying tempo and expressive timing. You can find out more bout the Music Informatics group at City on our website.

I'm available for freelance projects, and also offer private tuition.

I live in sunny Brighton, England.

Orignally trained as a theatre practitioner at Rose Bruford College, I now enjoy working on transmediary and transdisciplinary art projects, particulary involving the cross over of science and technology into art.

In 2012 I graduated from Sussex University with an MSc in Creative Systems, a course that sadly does not exist anymore. During my time at Sussex I became interested in the use of ALife and Neural Networks in computational "creativity". For my thesis I developed a system called Crickets which models a population self-organised synchronised oscillators with the aim of generation protomusical rhythmicity.

As a musician I'm in a couple of groups playing various instruments in various genres, as well as working on my own electronic compositions.

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